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        Welcome to Chongqing Fubang Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd Official website!
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        Straight gear shaper cutter

        Various module segmented involute, triangular spline, rectangular spline, sprocket, pulley and other straight tooth shaper cutters. The contour of the cutter is composed of convex corner, trimming, chamfering, full cutting, full arc and trimming.

        The main types of cutting tools are disc gear, lever gear and small intestine gear.

        Our gear hobs are made of HSS m2 and M35 grade materials. Hobs are widely used in automobile, construction and machinery industries. Hobbing cutter for

        Generate the gear profile in any material. The accuracy grade of gear hobbing cutter is AA and a. These tools can also be produced with multiple slots and multiple starting points. We offer all standard and non-standard hobbing


        Welcome to contact for detailed requirements.
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